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"You’re more beautiful than Cinderella, you smell like pine needles and your face is like sunshine."
Just came back from seeing the movie Bridesmaids at York with Kiara, my gorgey roommate from 2nd semester. We were shamelessly laughing together for the entirety of the movie. Seriously, best seven bucks I've spent in a while.

I think the company makes it though, girl! : )

The girl that rang me up at Starbucks was so sweet and all the honest bitching Kiara and I do is always a relief. It's good to know she and I can be that honest., while we were waiting for our movie tickets, I told her I'm so relieved we didn't know each other sooner. The people we are right now click and I honestly believe she and I would not be friends if we had met earlier.

I get a little distracted when smooth songs come on Pandora. I am in my own litter world right now and that is perfectly okay with me. : ) I have been alone for most of this month, but not so comfortably like this.

I have to confess that it takes a little bit of effort to hold back and not IM Raul on Facebook. I see his name and all I want to do is tell him about my fantastic day.

I woke up at 11 am, which is so much earlier than usual..and I had breakfast with my parents. They made me laugh when they told me that an annoying raccoon is ruining Dad's vegetable garden in our backyard. My dad was talking with his hand gestures and he was like, yeah that -- uh, Luis just knocked on my door to give me a cheeseburger. (I'm not hungry, but I took it anyway, out of surprise.) -- little bugger was about this big (*gesture*) and I was cracking up and my mom cracked up because I couldn't contain my laughter.

Then, I went out to our deck and walked down the stairs to look at the tomatoes with my dad. It was honestly kind of neat. He then decided it would be a good idea to take out his rifle and make me shoot coke cans. Haha! I suck, needless to say, but it was fun. I will knock them out sometime soon.

I dunno...I feel good. I've always been the rebellious, distant daughter (for years, at arm's length) and I've realized I'm kind of sick that role. I'm moving on to bigger and better things, such as..well, such as actually spending time with them for a bit, conviviendo. Yesterday at my cousin's house, when I felt sick and headache-y, I sped out of the backyard and got pulled into a nice hug by my dad while he was on a phone call.

All in all, he's not so bad. He's the right dad for me. :D
(I mean, he said he was gonna call the authorities on this raccoon. Bahahah! (Mendigo animal! : P)

After a sweet ass breakfast, where my dad made pancakes?! (OMG, I've only seen him once in our kitchen.), I went upstairs and laid down for a while. My eyesight has been giving me trouble. I've been sore..painful! I received a call from Chrissy asking if I wanted to return some clothes with her at Forever 21. I said sure, let's kill some time. It was an alright ride to Woodfield, just talking about high school a lot and waxing/threading.

This was one of the first times I've been to the mall in a whiiile. As I walked by the racks, I realized that fashion is glamorous, but I'm not the same girl I was even a few months ago. I'm far from the girl that spent $200, for two items or something crazy like that, in a day at the mall years ago.

Instead, I thought about how I don't really need that. I'm me - that's all that counts. I have been blessed with natural beauty and it doesn't matter if I'm in a non-descript sweatshirt and ill fitting jeans or if I'm in a Vera Wang dress. I will continue being me. Anything else are just the extras. Italian leather? Whatevs. There will be a time in my life for that. I don't want to be 19 going on 35, like other girls.

Plus...when I finally do put on that cocktail dress, it's really not the dress. It's my energy (and my hair!! ; ) ).

Anyway, I *did* give into buying some delicate and inexpensive necklaces at For Love. I am currently wearing hope around my neck. Hope costs four dollars! Yes! Haha

I'm so happy with my purchase, first one in months. A small, gold ballerina, hope in cursive, a black wooden feline, a muted pink ring with antique detail, cupcake earrings, and glittering gold heart earrings - for under $20. : )

I had A&W with Chrissy as well and I still say they have some seriously yum fries.

Now that I think about it, I might go pick up a tumbler for tea at the end of summer for my school days next semester. It is beautiful, inexpensive, double-walled porcelain. : ) (


I just decided on a goal for when I go back to school.

1. Hang out with my big, Christina, way more.
She's just such a kick ass girl, obviously real with me.

....gonna pick up my room a bit and think of more goals/things to be done.

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